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So society just can't let us be
Please don't be ashamed we are not blame
The future's ours to take we will make mistakes
Scream this loud and proud we will not back down

So let's go and relieve some pressure
Anarchy can only make it better
We can't We won't surrender
We're not scared 'cause we like the danger
Reality will only make us stronger
We can't We won't surrender

Don't tell me where I will lay in your cemetery
Don't try to silence and bury me
Don't push me 'cause I won't go quietly
I'd rather die with dignity

Let them put us down hope we're not around
They pray we go away but we're here to stay
Time is on our side our two worlds collide
These four words might help, just go fuck yourself


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Разместил: NasY   Дата: 25.04.2010 16:41   Версия для печати