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Pentatonic Scales Patterns of 'A'
Lead Techniques - Bendings
Seven Note Patterns - Key of 'E'
Lead Pivot Riff '4 Words'
3 String Sweep Arpeggios
Tears don't fall - Lead Section
Hammer On Pull Off Exercise
Chromatic Exercise
Melodic Soulful Lead - Say Goodnight
Heavy Tremolo Picking Riff - Scream Aim Fire
Creating A Metal Lead - Hit the Floor
Complete Lead - End of Days
Improvising with Natural Monir Scales - The End
Constructing a Metal Lead - Last to Know
Complete Lead - Waking the Demon
Complete Lead - Her Voices Resides
Creating a Metal Lead - Disappear
Arpeggio Sweep Lead - Eye of the storm
Complete Lead - Scream Aim Fire
Complete Lead - The Poison
Creating a Metal Lead - Deliver Us from Evil

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