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Правильно ли поступили BFMV , отменив концерты ради записи альбома ?

Мне всё равно

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It's hot as hell in here everybody wants to lose control
The music's turned up loud and the lights are turned down low
Wound up like a hurricane and my head is about to explode
Can't wait to self-destruct can't wait to let it go

She hits the stage
she makes me crave
so come and get my money

I can feel your fever taking over
Can you see your fever taking over me
I can feel your fever taking over
Got a dirty feeling that you're the remedy

So I'm looking for a spark I got a fire to re-ignite
Don't worry you won't get burned so don't put up a fight
Pushed hard to breaking point and I'm ready to overload
No limits and no regrets it's time to sell my soul

You're what I want
You're what I need
So come and take my money


Come here you naughty girl
You're such a tease
You look so beautiful
Down on your knees
Keep on those high-heeled shoes
Rip off al your clothes
You smell so fucking good
You make me lose control

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